Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering MichiganThroughout the years Green Age Products & Services has built a team of experienced engineers in the designing of new and innovative equipment.  Our engineers have the knowledge and project management skills necessary to take any project to the next level.  In order to have the best outcome we believe it takes a collaborative effort that involves the customer, engineers, fabricators, and managers together as a team.  Making sure that there is clear and effective communication at each step of the process from an idea to a complete running system is what has lead us to our success.  Having an entire team made up of different professionals not only brings expertise from all aspects, but sets the timeline, scope, and responsibility of each team member.  “As individuals we are strong, but as a team we are stronger”.  Using this model allows us to far succeed our customer’s expectations and sets us apart from other companies.

Our comprehensive engineering services include but are not limited to simple mechanical drawings/layouts, prototype development, 2D/3D capabilities, presentation packages, plant layout/equipment integration, and contractor schematics.  Whether big or small we treat all of our customers with the same level of service, so whatever your engineering needs, look to Green Age Products and Services for the solution.