Part Washing Systems

Custom Designed Automated Wash SystemsGreen Age Products and Services produces customized aqueous part washing equipment built for variety industries including:

  • agricultural
  • automotive
  • pharmaceutical
  • recycling

We specialize in stainless steel washers that are designed  for our customers specifications.  All washers come complete with industrial grade components for large scale manufacturing and processing needs. Green Age prides itself on energy efficient designs using:

  • insulated tanks for heat retention
  • electric actuated valves for maximum pump efficiency
  • power control focused programing

IMG_0535 editedOur washers in combination with our specifically tailored conveyors are designed to meet any of your production requirements.  All of our washing systems can be built with chemical evaporation containment, ergonomic clean out doors, micron filtration, and advance control systems.  All systems can be designed to clean manufactured parts, tooling components, dunnage,  bulk containers, tanks, and other contaminated products. Depending on the application we can implement rotary unions/nozzles, oscillating spray headers, probing headers and particle filtration to meet customer required sediment tolerances.  Let our engineers recommend a part washing system that will meet your production rates as well as your budget.