Tank Solids Removal System (“The Auto Shovel”)

Green Age Products Designs and Manufactures Continuous Tank Solids Removal Systems for all Industrial applications to continuously remove waste particulate from wash tanks, holding tanks and other liquid processing tanks.

The Economic Benefits reduces or eliminates labor intense tank clean-out operations, consolidates waste for easy removal and prolongs tank solution.

We continuously agitate tank solution keeping waste particles in suspension. The system removes particulate into a variety of easy to handle waste removal bags.

With a Wide Range of Waste Tank Solids Removal Systems designs we have the Solutions to Meet Your Needs.

The Systems can be manufactured in steel or Stainless construction mounted on a single skid or on a Custom Application to be located at a Remote Location.

Ozone Generator with Oxygen Concentrator System

Green Age Products Designs and Manufactures Ozone (O3) Generator Systems to continuously provide an Eco – Friendly method of eliminating odor causing Bacteria and fungus which forms in aqueous tank solutions without the need for chemical additives.

Bacteria are immediately destroyed by the rapid oxidation of the bacterial cell walls.


We use compressed air (21% oxygen, 78% nitrogen, 0.09 argon, and 0.01 other gases) and separate out the oxygen to a receiving tank at a 90% purity level. The oxygen is then supplied to an Ozone Generator. Under normal conditions the Oxygen Concentrator is Regenerative and lasts indefinitely.

The Ozone Generator Injection Manifold safely draws the ozone gas into the solution.

The Ozone-enriched solution is perfect for surface sanitation of products.

The Systems are manufactured in powder coated steel or Stainless construction and can be wall mounted and / or single skid mounted with Custom Application to be located at a Remote Location.

Waste Water Recycling Systems

Green Age Products Designs and Manufactures Waste Water Recycling Systems to continuously remove solids, organics, and heavy metals from Waste water.

Waste water recovery systems are designed per individual site conditions, we analyze the supply water and then apply only the filtration treatment technologies necessary to achieve customer prerequisites and / or regulatory requirements on wastewater effluent limits.

This includes potable, non-potable and zero discharge effluent limits.

Our units provide an automatic closed loop system to return clean water back to your storage tank, process or wash tank as needed.

The Systems are manufactured in a combination of Steel, PVC, CPVC and /or Stainless materials and construction, mounted on a single skid or in multi skid configurations.

Green Age Products and Services are Operator Friendly systems with Optimal Performance at a reasonable price.